About Dr. Ali Thwaini

Dr Thwaini is a Best Urologist in Dubai with specialist interest in urological cancers, namely in renal cancers. He was the lead for renal cancers in the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (Belfast City Hospital). His main skills are in advanced laparoscopy and renal cancer and renal reconstruction procedures. Dr Thwaini is also an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Queens University, Belfast. He is known for his academic contributions throughout his career with over 40 Medline publications in the field.

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“I am so blessed to have dr. Ali Thwaini taking care of me, thank you for your professionalism and wonderful care”


Urologist Dubai ali thwaini

Festive Seasons and their Effects on your Urinary System

Christmas has just passed and we are still in the partying mode, preparing for the new year. It’s been tough couple of years with yet another wave, albeit less virulent, of COVID’s new disguise; Omicron. We are on the verge of winning our war against it. It’s indeed worth the celebration. One has to be […]

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APEDs Effects on body

Appearance and Performance-enhancing Drugs(APED)

So you have been working hard in the gym trying to improve your appearance and performance. Things aren’t moving with the aspired speed. There are other ways to achieve your goal at a much shorter time and minimal side effects, correct? Wrong! Cutting corners always comes at a price. In addition to the bumpy ride […]

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Urinary Tract Stones Dr.Ali thwaini

Diet for Stone Formers

Once a stone former. always a stone former!! Urinary tract stones are the most common encounters in the field of urology. “Doctor, I’d rather give birth to 10 children than going through the pain of passing a stone!” Says many of my female stone patients. Ureteric colic is an uninvited guest that barges in at […]

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