About Dr. Ali Thwaini

Dr Thwaini is a Best Urologist in Dubai with specialist interest in urological cancers, namely in renal cancers. He was the lead for renal cancers in the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (Belfast City Hospital). His main skills are in advanced laparoscopy and renal cancer and renal reconstruction procedures. Dr Thwaini is also an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Queens University, Belfast. He is known for his academic contributions throughout his career with over 40 Medline publications in the field.

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“I am so blessed to have dr. Ali Thwaini taking care of me, thank you for your professionalism and wonderful care”


Benefits of Li-ESWT -Thwaini

Li-ESWT with Regenerative Medicine in ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common health problem that affects a large proportion of men. The word “40 over 40” stands true. Various causes leading to various treatments for ED have been highlighted and adopted respectively. Most, if not all, are situational and not permanent ( apart from modifying lifestyle and care about Men’s […]

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Chronic prostatitis dr ali thwaini

Chronic Prostatitis

Background Chronic prostatitis is a condition with a persistent inflammation of the prostate gland. This is rather a very common condition affecting man that’s all ages. It is presumed that at least one of two men will have at least one attack prostatitis during their lifetime. Types of prostatitis There are several types of chronic […]

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy -Ali Thwaini

Testosterone Treatment; pros and cons

Testosterone, a steroid hormone, helps maintain muscle, bone, and libido. Men in their 4th decade (mid-30s), begin to have less testosterone in their bodies, at an average of just under 2% per year. If that drop continues, it could lead to hypogonadism or low testosterone. This happens to 20% of men in their 60s. Also, […]

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