About Dr. Ali Thwaini

Dr Thwaini is a Best Urologist in Dubai with specialist interest in urological cancers, namely in renal cancers. He was the lead for renal cancers in the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (Belfast City Hospital). His main skills are in advanced laparoscopy and renal cancer and renal reconstruction procedures. Dr Thwaini is also an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Queens University, Belfast. He is known for his academic contributions throughout his career with over 40 Medline publications in the field.

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Areas of Expertise


“I am so blessed to have dr. Ali Thwaini taking care of me, thank you for your professionalism and wonderful care”


Urinary Tract Stones Dr.Ali thwaini

Diet for Stone Formers

Once a stone former. always a stone former!! Urinary tract stones are the most common encounters in the field of urology. “Doctor, I’d rather give birth to 10 children than going through the pain of passing a stone!” Says many of my female stone patients. Ureteric colic is an uninvited guest that barges in at […]

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Sparing the Nephron and Sparing Life

Nephron sparing surgery Nephron sparing surgery has gained wide acceptance in the past decade or so. After being considered mainly for absolute and some relative indications ( single anatomical or functioning kidney or bilateral renal disease that renders the patient with long-term effects from chronic kidney disease), partial nephrectomy has now topped up the radical […]

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Enlarged Prostate Treatment UroLift

Day Case Prostate Operation- “the Weight is Lifted!”

Enlarged Prostate Treatment Prostatic enlargement is one of the most common problems encountered in men. Around 50% of men in their 50s will have a prostate Enlargement. Half of those require medical treatment. If medicine fails then surgery is the solution. However, men would be keen to avoid the most common side effects of prostate […]

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