About Dr. Ali Thwaini

Dr Thwaini is a Urologist in Dubai with specialist interest in urological cancers, namely in renal cancers. He was the lead for renal cancers in the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust (Belfast City Hospital). His main skills are in advanced laparoscopy and renal cancer and renal reconstruction procedures. Dr Thwaini is also an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Queens University, Belfast. He is known for his academic contributions throughout his career with over 40 Medline publications in the field.

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Areas of Expertise


“I am so blessed to have dr. Ali Thwaini taking care of me, thank you for your professionalism and wonderful care”


I Meant No Harm

What does it take to Become a Surgeon? -I Meant No Harm

There are many prerequisites to be a successful one. Those range from maintaining composure when the unexpected happens. Having the mental and physical endurance that matches the unpredictable nature of surgery. Communication and leadership skills. Above all, the humility of adopting an ongoing strive to learn in order to sharpen one’s skills, such as critical […]

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Renal cancer treatments dr.ali thwaini

Renal cancer The silent killer

Renal Cancer is one of the come in urological counters affecting people are different stages of their lives. There are about 75,000 renal cancer new cases diagnose every year the United States Constitution saying about 5% of all other cancers and women are equally affected. While there are no definite predisposing factors to the development […]

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Fluid intake during Ramadan

Fasten your Belt

Health is becoming more of a common topic with the vast majority of people being more involved and interested in promoting thief own health and well-being. So many dietary regimes have been practiced and many have quickly risen and similarly faded away. Few have remained, and lesser are now gaining popularity to almost becoming the […]

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